To reach the goals of our Long-Range Plans, we must take bold action and move forward in pursuing a more prominent presence on the South Shore. For that reason, our first priority is in the operations of the Church.


Funding the Executive Pastor Role – $300,000

Todd Szymczak has joined our staff as we embark upon this journey. His passion is to deeply root North River in the heart of our communities and in our members. Todd will help us align our ministries to long-range goals. RSI’s consulting fee ($37,000) is also built into this figure.


Next Generation Staff Position $35,000

This new role will allow us to focus on developing young adults within our congregation.


Debt-Reduction $250,000

As we move forward, we want to lighten the financial load for the future. This is an important step as we prepare for the next stages of our growth. This measure will reduce our mortgage debt by 12%.


Rapid Response Trailer $15,000

Our GO Team (Global Outreach) and Working Hands Ministry will directly benefit from this investment. The trailer will be outfitted with tools and supplies that will equip our teams to respond to needs within our congregation and throughout our local communities.


Activity Center $200,000

This future multi-purpose activity center will provide an alternative meeting space for our student and children’s ministries as we continue to invest in reaching the next generation. This will also give us more flexibility for fellowship gatherings as we grow.


Become part of the process!

We invite you to help make this vision a reality! What can you do to help? Get involved! We are excited to see where the Lord will take us.


“I come with a renewed sense of purpose and a deep love for North River. May we continue to be a beacon of light in our communities by offering the hope that comes through Christ.”

—Todd Szymczak